Pandora’s Promise Broadcast Premiere on CNN Tonight 9pm EST

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Tonight (November 7) at 9pm EST/8pm CST, Pandora’s Promise will have its US broadcast premier on CNN, followed by a roundtable discussion including Director Robert Stone and famed climate scientist Dr. James Hansen, hosted by Anderson Cooper.  Encores at 11pm and 2am EST.

The groundbreaking and extraordinary film Pandora’s Promise takes a fresh look at nuclear energy through the eyes of prominent environmentalists, formerly anti-nuclear, who reexamined their views and now advocate nuclear energy in the context of soaring world energy needs and the threat of global warming.  The documentary is beautifully filmed and takes viewers into the exclusion zones at Fukushima and Chernobyl, into nuclear reactors and waste storage sites, and around the world, examining the facts and myths about nuclear power.

Meanwhile, earlier this week four of the world’s leading climate and energy scientists sent an unprecedented open letter to the leaders of the environmental movement, urging them to change course and support the development and deployment of advanced nuclear power.

However, whether one is a climate skeptic or activist – or a nuclear advocate or opponent, for that matter – the film is a must-see and tonight is the chance.

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3 thoughts on “Pandora’s Promise Broadcast Premiere on CNN Tonight 9pm EST

  1. F. R. Eggers

    I wanted to see the CNN broadcast of Pandora’s Promise but unfortunately, I could not. The reason? Like many people, I do not have cable TV; I have a roof-top antenna.

    Pandora’s Promise is now available in I-Tunes, but that is of very limited value. The problem is that from I-Tunes, one cannot burn a DVD that can be played on DVD players. I wanted to be able to show the movie at a church group, but cannot since I cannot get it onto a DVD.

    If people want to undo the anti-nuclear propaganda, then it will be necessary to make the movie more readily available.

  2. Michael Hickmott

    I have been against Nuclear Power for over 30 years. My problem was with the waste. I have always been about 95% for the science behind electrical generation by nuclear, if only someone could not only do something about the waste, but come up with a solution that didn’t require the waste from being moved, which is a non-starter and deal killer.

    I have to say that after viewing Pandora’s Promise I am now a supporter of the technology because it seems there is now a solution “on site” to the waste issue. The problem most people have with nuclear is that it is tied to bombs and death. If anyone would approach the issue with an opened mind they could see that only in nuclear do you have a clear path to stop killing the earth with carbon dioxide pollution, and the problems with coal and oil. The nuclear solution to this also would allow China and India to use the new technology. Sign me up to Nuclear, every American should see this presentation.

  3. James Greenidge

    Good luck Pandora & nuclear community!.

    I can say one one thing:
    Judging by all the fanatical fear-laced feedback on sites as Forbes and CNN, you’re going to have one heck of a time unbrainwashing a constantly FUD-fed population lead by pie-in-the-sky Pied Pipers. I mean even the “fair and accurate” media frequently gets nuclear “wrong” — more often than not portraying cooling towers as reactors? If that’s how learned they are in things nuclear then small wonder nukes have such chronic public misperceptions!

    Good luck to you Pandora — and the World!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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