ANS 1st Annual Meeting Program

Editor’s note: December 11 marked the 59th anniversary of the founding of the American Nuclear Society. After posting a note on ANS Facebook with an image of the ANS 1st annual meeting program cover, the thought struck… “Well, perhaps some readers would be interested in perusing the 1954 meeting program itself.” So, presenting the ANS 1st annual meeting technical program—along with accompanying introductory letter at bottom of post.  Click images or here to access (enlargeable!) program .pdf

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The enclosed folder describes the technical program of the first annual meeting of the American Nuclear Society. A cordial invitation is extended to you to come to Penn State for as many of the sessions as you can arrange to attend.

The American Nuclear Society was incorporated in New York State early in 1955.  The principal objectives in the minds of the incorporators were to aid in the integration of the several disciplines constituting nuclear science and technology, to hold meetings and public papers relating to these disciplines thereby providing a single forum for discussion, to encourage research in nuclear science and technology and to cooperate through technical committees with government agencies, educational institutions and industries.

The interim officers are Jerome Luntz, Chairman, and William Breazeale, Secretary.  A nominating committee has selected a slate of officers for terms beginning in June of this year as follows:  President, W. H. Zinn;  Vice-President, Philip Sporn;  Treasurer, Karl Cohen;  and Editor, J. G. Beckerley.  About five hundred members have been accepted in the last four months.

The ANS Bylaws and Rules require that the Board of Directors vote on the admission of each candidate for membership.  For this reason, members cannot be accepted directly at the annual meeting.  However, each nonmember who applies for membership during the meeting will find one-half of his ten dollar registration fee credited toward admission fee and dues when he is elected to membership.  Application blanks and a summary of professional qualifications required for the various grades of membership will be available at the meeting.

Jerome D. Luntz, Interim Chairman

William M. Breazeale, Interim Secretary


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