Nuclear Matinee: Inside Hinkley Point B

Today’s Nuclear Cafe Matinee takes faithful viewers “across the pond”—well, at least if one is situated in North America—to chat with Hinkley Point B Station Director Mike Harrison in southwest England.

The Hinkley Point B reactors are a bit different from the more common water-cooled reactors in widespread use, as they are Advanced Gas Reactors and use high-temperature carbon dioxide gas as reactor coolant. The video was filmed shortly after the events at Fukushima-Daiichi in 2011.

Hinkley Point has been in the news quite a lot this year, as plans have been finalized to construct at this site the first of a new fleet of British nuclear power stations.  Hinkley Point C is scheduled to come online in 2023 as part of a plan to cut the United Kingdom’s greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent in the mid 2020s. But first… The UK government’s role in an agreement with operators on electricity pricing, construction costs, and other aspects must pass muster with the European Commission, with a decision on necessary changes, if any, expected by summer 2014. For a more recent update with Station Director Mike Harrison, see this Inside the Hinkley Point Nuclear Plant interview with The Telegraph.

Thanks to Energy Live News for this video

hinkley point b


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