Nuclear Matinee: Inside a Nuclear Reactor Core

In today’s Nuclear Matinee, take a trip inside a nuclear reactor core with Jem Stansfield and the BBC. Jem explores a never-used reactor core at the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant in Austria to explain,┬áin the most straightforward of terms, how a nuclear power station works.

Thanks to BBCWorldwide YouTube for hosting this fine exploration.

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5 Responses to Nuclear Matinee: Inside a Nuclear Reactor Core

  1. Dennis Mosebey

    Excellent. I sent this on to my personal groups and to my plant for possible use in some of our tours we give and even our PWR 1 classes. These items produced by ANS are going far to help educate the public. I hope every ANS member is sending them on to spread the word. If they are NOT, they should be.

  2. Bob Ferguson

    Very understandable with simple yet technically accurate explanations.

  3. Marcel Lacroix

    Clear, concise and dynamic. I love it. A must disseminate and see video.

  4. Jeffrey Mahn

    I have a similar demonstration (a tabletop power plant) and two nuclear power presentations (Nuclear Energy 101 and How a Nuclear Reactor Works). I just need a venue and an audience.