Nuclear Matinee: Inside a Nuclear Reactor Core

In today’s Nuclear Matinee, take a trip inside a nuclear reactor core with Jem Stansfield and the BBC. Jem explores a never-used reactor core at the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant in Austria to explain, in the most straightforward of terms, how a nuclear power station works.

Thanks to BBCWorldwide YouTube for hosting this fine exploration.

inside a nuclear reactor core 387x201

5 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee: Inside a Nuclear Reactor Core

  1. Jeffrey Mahn

    I have a similar demonstration (a tabletop power plant) and two nuclear power presentations (Nuclear Energy 101 and How a Nuclear Reactor Works). I just need a venue and an audience.

  2. Dennis Mosebey

    Excellent. I sent this on to my personal groups and to my plant for possible use in some of our tours we give and even our PWR 1 classes. These items produced by ANS are going far to help educate the public. I hope every ANS member is sending them on to spread the word. If they are NOT, they should be.

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