8th International Conference on Isotopes—Chicago, August 24–28

The American Nuclear Society will welcome delegates from around the world to Chicago this August for the 8th International Conference on Isotopes (8ICI). It will be the first time that this prestigious conference is hosted in the United States.

The ICI is held every three years to discuss and promote current and future research in the field of isotopes—so important to advancing human health and welfare worldwide. Nuclear and medical physicists, radiochemists, engineers, material scientists, physicians, health physicists, and specialists in non-proliferation from around the world, along with national and international leaders in business, industry, and government, will discuss current issues and present their latest research at the beautiful Hyatt Regency in downtown Chicago.

Complimenting the conference’s scientific and technical program will be an expo featuring companies and organizations involved in isotope production, distribution, devices, applications, and other services. Plenary speakers will include US Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chair Allison Macfarlane, opening plenary speaker Heino Nitsche of the University of California–Berkeley, and many other notable world leaders in research, industry, and government (see Meeting Highlights for more).

The 8ICI website is loaded with information about the conference, including registration information, call for papers (abstracts deadline is Friday, February 14), the Marie Curie plenary Celebrating 100 Years of Women in Nuclear Science, sponsorship and schedule information, technical tours to the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and the Argonne National Laboratory, and much more.

Contact the conference organizers by email for even more information, or call ANS at 708-579-8287.

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