Nuclear Matinee: ‘Cosmos’ Returns

“It is time to make the case for science,” says host Neil deGrasse Tyson of the upcoming relaunch of the classic 1980 series Cosmos. The new Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey premieres this Sunday, March 9, on FOX, and Monday, March 10, on the National Geographic Network—all in all, in 170 countries and 45 languages, the largest global opening ever for any television series, according to executive producer, writer, and director Ann Druyan.

Nuclear-related? Sure! The universe itself is nuclear-powered, and from the Curiosity rover on Mars to the most powerful space telescopes, our understanding of nuclear science and use of nuclear technologies have been indispensable in humanity’s exploration and understanding of that greatest of all mysteries, and greatest of all voyages… the Cosmos.

We no longer have Carl Sagan, but if the new series can capture the charm and wonder of the old, and portray this to a mass audience, we could be in for something special. As in this trip back in time, in which Dr. Sagan (at 28:27) begins to discuss the prospects for… nuclear-powered starships.

For more on the new Cosmos and its creators, see this review in the New York Times. Or, just tune in Sunday evening and enjoy the ride.

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2 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee: ‘Cosmos’ Returns

  1. James Greenidge

    Yes, good luck to this take on a grand series and here’s hoping that it doesn’t follow the recent trend of so-called science shows resorting to clownish dorky hosts and wild explosions and silly gadgets and gross stunts to educate an audience — though I rather think they’re doing a better job just entertaining them. (Mr. Wizard, where art thou??) But regarding this topic, to be truthful and relevant, nuclear energy has been woefully long in need of its own Carl Sagan spreading fact and truth against fear-mongers infesting the media.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  2. Mitch

    Cosmos, great series, but unless it comes out and explicitly says something positive and promoting about it, this retread isn’t doing nuclear power any favors like most all other “science” series.

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