Nuclear Matinee: How It’s Made—Spent Nuclear Fuel Containers

This excerpt from the Discovery Channel’s How It’s Made series documents the making of a spent nuclear fuel container.

It might be a little dry, but if so that’s still OK—it’s for dry cask storage after all.

Thanks to How It’s Made Youtube for sharing this video

spent fuel 306x201

2 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee: How It’s Made—Spent Nuclear Fuel Containers

  1. Mitch

    What happened the usual How It’s Made jaunty spokesguy instead of a emotionless unenthusiastic spokeswoman? Compare tone of this show with ones on windmills and solar cell farms!

    Remarks I have trouble with:

    “…The risks _should_ be contained…”

    “…that _should_ keep the hazards of nuclear waste entombed indefinitely”

    Why so dubious?

    “…until there’s a way of disposing it…”

    There’s none?

  2. northcoast

    The cylinder thickness is 2.5 cm, or about the diameter of a quarter. Isn’t that what we used to call an inch?

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