Nuclear Matinee: Vogtle Nuclear Construction Update

Near Augusta, Georgia, the first new commercial nuclear power reactors built in the United States in 30 years continue to take shape. This latest video update features the recent heavy lift of the massive 5-story CA20 module, which will house the spent fuel pool, fuel transfer canal, and other essential components for Unit 3. The video also features a visit by US Secretary of Energy Dr. Ernest Moniz, day-to-day problem-solving operations at the site’s operations control center (especially during recent unusually cold weather), and the immeasurable beneficial economic and other impacts on the region’s economy and school systems. Fuel loading and connection to the grid is scheduled for Unit 3 in 2017, and Unit 4 in 2018.

Thanks to Georgia Power YouTube for sharing this construction update.

ca20 lift night

9 thoughts on “Nuclear Matinee: Vogtle Nuclear Construction Update

  1. Mitch

    >> Breck Henderson | April 7, 2014 at 09:32 |
    Of course they can’t tell us what the dose levels in the town are — no one in CBS audience is smart enough to grasp numbers <<

    When are nuclear people going to get hip that CBS and the media and the Greens are joined at the hip on down????

  2. Brian Mays

    What I find so amazing about the greens is that they have no trust at all in government when it tells them there is no cause for alarm over millirem levels of radiation, but they implicitly trust the government with control of major aspects of our lives such as health care.

    Even when it comes to health care, Breck, there are limits to their trust. People who worry excessively about radiation doses from medical diagnostic procedures or who refuse to get their kids vaccinated tend to inhabit the left end of the political spectrum and identify themselves as “green.”

  3. Breck Henderson

    I watched 60 Minutes last night and surprise, James, you were spot on in your prognostication. Of course they can’t tell us what the dose levels in the town are — no one in CBS audience is smart enough to grasp numbers. What I find so amazing about the greens is that they have no trust at all in government when it tells them there is no cause for alarm over millirem levels of radiation, but they implicitly trust the government with control of major aspects of our lives such as health care. Go figure.

  4. James Greenidge

    No problem, Meredith. Use anything I say anytime! It’s self-defeating hoarding a cause’s ammo to oneself! From what gather CBS took the low emotional road over the high intellectual/fact road to slyly disaffect people about nuclear power, which they didn’t really delve much into for the heart-tugging scenes and plight of Fukushima evacuees. I mean what’s going to effect the largely science clueless public most; rational analysis by nuclear pros without axes to grind explaining on what radiation is and really does, or rad-wrapped fathers digging for dead daughters and classrooms of little kids pining for home except the faceless deadly monster called radiation is keeping them away? There was no examination or reflection of just how radioactive or hazardous all that scooped up soil and barreled water is, much less whether it’s all a gross overreaction to fanatically low max rad standards, only the certain-death catch-all label of radiation bandied about almost casually with cynic quips of “nuclear is safe?”, and yet there’re already coal particulates tinting all that snow the kids are playing in. This is the time for ANS and NEI to stand up and join hands and call CBS asking them 1. Have you ever done any halfway positive stories on nuclear (none) and 2. Request that ANS and NEI and other nuclear pros who run nuclear blogs be tapped as real nuclear consultants who don’t get starry-eyed cold-feet PC before the cameras. Really, this is a game ALL nuclear plants/companies around the world have a stake in regarding the image of nuclear energy; What perceptions happened in Fukushima is not going to stay in Fukushima if you want that new plant built here — and pre-Fukushima approved Vogtle is no happy sign it’s ever going to happen again unless the nuclear community gets down-home serious with immediate massive public education instead playing token tag with obscure politicians and media groups rearranging chairs on the Titanic. If a oil company can make Gulf residents “say what?” about what happened a few years ago, nuclear can bounce back — but there’s a point of no return. Nuclear community, call Mad Men to get your image out of the pits — or heck, give me the chair at your PR office for a month free and see what I can do — for real!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  5. Meredith Angwin


    You wrote a terrific description of almost every anti-nuclear TV show, movie, magazine article, etc , etc. Great!

    Could I adapt this as a blog post at my own blog? Just a thought. Let me know.

    The opponents are predictable. Sometimes we can use this. In a debate, the person who speaks second (after the first speaker) is considered to have the prime position, because the second speaker can answer whatever the first speaker asserts. Back when I did more debating (because Entergy hadn’t announced it would close VY), I preferred the second-speaker plot, but it didn’t actually matter that much to me.

    You see, in first-speaker slot, I could often rebut the opponents before they said anything–because I knew exactly what they were going to say. I remember discombobulating one guy by showing his slides first. I was first speaker, and I made a guess about what slides he would use (the cooling tower collapse, a slide from a recent report by Mark Cooper) and I showed those slides. I said something like: “this slide is usually described as THIS but actually it shows THAT. ” So when these exact slides came up in the opponent’s presentation, the audience practically chuckled, waiting for him to confirm what I had said. He dashed by those slides very quickly.

    That may have been winning a small battle. But let’s face it, up here in Vermont, we lost the war. The opponents are predictable. But from my spot here in Vermont, they are winning the war anyhow.

    Great note, James, and I do want to use it!


  6. James Greenidge

    It will be the usual suspects of token and low-grade so-called nuclear consultants, and I’m sure CBS didn’t ring ANS or NEI or pro-nuclear blog pros for some cool calm reasoned insights. I vouch that this 60-Minutes broadcast will be somberly grim, with lots of flashes of tsunami damage and quake oil facility fires interspersed scenes of the nuclear plant in coyly tacit blame, and constant assertions of how “no one sane” can homestead here again or eat anything for generations or hundreds of years. There’ll be lots of scary bunny suits and water tanks leaking forever and crying babies being Geiger scanned. There will be no comparative background rad rates with other areas around the world and there will be less stress that a super-rare earthquake incited the incident and instead more of an undertone that there is something inherently flawed in all nuclear reactors behind the event which would’ve occurred eventually anyway. There won’t be any public or worker mortality rate comparisons with other industries and there won’t be any mentions as to old-designed reactor robustness containing three meltdowns in a row when the media has long predicted that just one is Doomsday, and the report will mute down that no one was killed and attribute that to divine luck. They will lump every nuclear plant that exists as clones of Fukushima and you have one which just can’t wait to blow in your backyard. The show will end in a desolate looking pan of the Fukushima ghost town and landscape that is implied lost for a thousand years and maybe a sly glimpse of a windmill in the corner.

    Then afterwards ask whether CBS did a _fair_ and non-alarmist accurate job or just suave cautionary FUD.

    Hope I’m not a suspense spoiler!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  7. Mitch

    “60 Minutes” focuses on Fukushima this Sunday. Be VERY interesting to see who they picked for “nuclear consultants”! Anyone we know? We can be 100% sure that they’ll put Fukushima in the same pot as all other nuclear plants and the show will just sum up as a big wary warning not to go nuke!

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