Nuclear Video Matinee Mother’s Day Double Feature

The second Sunday in May marks the celebration of Mother’s Day in the United States and many countries. In honor of this wonderful tradition, the Nuclear Cafe Matinee is quite pleased to showcase interviews with nuclear engineer Julie Ezold, Californium-252 Production Program Manager at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

This week Alan Williams of WVLT in Knoxville, Tenn., interviewed Ms. Ezold at her laboratories at the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center at Oak Ridge to discuss her work, motherhood of her 5-year-old daughter, and one of her passions—involving youngsters, and often quite young ones at that, with the fun of science.

So what is Californium-252 all about? [e.g., how do they start a nuclear reactor anyway?] Like most of nuclear technology, it’s used in more places and more ways than one might ever imagine—even including the discovery of entirely new elements that have never existed before. Ms. Ezold explains in this video released last month by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory:

Thanks to WVLT and Oak Ridge National Laboratory for sharing these fine videos.

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2 thoughts on “Nuclear Video Matinee Mother’s Day Double Feature

  1. ansnuclearcafe Post author

    Indeed. Californium-252 is used in coal analyzers to determine what other unwanted elements are in there – like sulfur…uranium, thorium… and it’s interesting that, since radioactivity from coal plants is far less regulated than nuclear, coal plants tend to emit much more radioactivity into the environment than nuclear plants

  2. Fresh

    On this Mothers day, lets wish for less birth defects, less chromosonal damage.

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