Nuclear Energy Blogger and Author Carnival 213

ferris wheel 202x201It’s time for the 213th Carnival of Nuclear Energy Bloggers and Authors, hosted this week right here at the ANS Nuclear Cafe.  It’s a big week for ANS, with the Annual Meeting going on in Reno… so without any further remarks we’ll dive right in!


NewsOK / Robert Bruce Hayes

Beware of Junk Science  –  Robert Hayes reminds us that it’s possible to become afraid of something we don’t really understand, based upon selected facts we’re told to cloud or steer an issue.


Atomic Insights – Rod Adams

Radiation Health Effects for Medical Doctors

Misinformation about radiation health effects does not just affect the nuclear industry and dramatically increase the costs associated with all nuclear energy technologies. It is also having a deleterious effect on the beneficial use of radiation and radioactive materials in medical diagnosis and treatment.

Throughout their training programs, medical doctors have been taught to do everything they can to minimize radiation exposure. This message has become so intense in recent decades that many medical professionals shy away from ordering tests that would help them do their jobs better and provide better patient outcomes.

Atomic Show #216 – Just The Fracks, Ma’am

Greg Kozera is President of the Virginia Oil and Gas Association and is the author of a recently released book entitled “Just the Fracks, Ma’am; The Truth About Hydrofracking and the Next Great American Boom.”  Kozera and Rod Adams discuss energy options, the value of natural gas as a feedstock for material production, and the actions of certain members of the natural gas industry to discourage competitors like coal and nuclear.


Nuke Power Talk / Gail Marcus

Nuclear Engineering Students Among “Most Impressive” at MIT

Gail Marcus was pleased and proud to discover that three nuclear engineering students were profiled in a group of only fourteen students identified as among the most outstanding at MIT last year.  She notes in Nuke Power Talk that this is an impressively high percentage in an already elite group, and she considers this a very positive sign for the future of the nuclear industry.


Forbes / Jim Conca

EPA Hits Nuclear Industry with Kryptonite

EPA’s latest proposed emissions rule for nuclear power plants focuses on a non-issue that has never been a problem; Kr-85.  Kr-85 is a noble gas that cannot react with anything, can’t form chemical compounds or even individual molecules, and can’t enter biological pathways.  Kr-85 can’t do anything but dissipate immediately upon leaving the reactor.

Why on Earth is China Nervous about Plutonium in Japan?

China is nervous about Japan making atomic weapons and has complained to the International Atomic Energy Agency that Japan has over 1,400 pounds of plutonium that it did not report.  This is actually amusing since this Pu cannot be made into weapons.  Also funny is China’s faked outrage.



Next Big Future / Brian Wang

China could complete 9 nuclear reactors in the next 7 months

By the end of 2014, the number of reactors in the country is expected
reach 30, bringing the total nuclear capacity to around 27 GWe. In
2015, capacity should reach 36 GWe, as a further eight reactors are
brought online. 18 units are expected to start up within the next two
years, taking nuclear capacity close to the projected 40 GWe figure.


ANS Nuclear Cafe – submitted by Paul Bowersox

Spent Fuel Pool Fire Risk Drops to Zero Months After Shutdown

Rod Adams addresses the real issues that concern operation and maintenance of spent fuel pools at nuclear power plants in this thorough article.  The constant effort on the part of some anti-nuclear activists to make spent fuel pools into a looming threat is dispatched in detail; the realities are presented so that actual risk may be perceived, and once understood, placed in perspective.

Pathfinder – A Path Not Taken

Will Davis presents a history of one of the most unusual commercial nuclear power plants ever built – a boiling water reactor capable of producing highly superheated steam.  The reasons for its failure are explored, as is some not-before-seen history.  For those interested in placing SMR’s at existing power plant sites, this post might be quite interesting – and important.


That’s it for this week’s posts.  Thanks to all of our contributors!

About Will Davis

Will Davis is the Communications Director for the N/S Savannah Association, Inc. where he also serves as historian, newsletter editor and member of the board of directors. Davis has recently been engaged by the Global America Business Institute as a consultant. He is also a consultant to, and writer for, the American Nuclear Society; an active ANS member, he is serving on the ANS Communications Committee 2013–2016. In addition, he is a contributing author for Fuel Cycle Week, and writes his own popular blog Atomic Power Review. Davis is a former US Navy reactor operator, qualified on S8G and S5W plants.

2 thoughts on “Nuclear Energy Blogger and Author Carnival 213

  1. Mitch

    Cyber Security and the #Nuclear Industry – story from 2014 ANS Annual Meeting
    Should Japan #nuclear industry move to probabilistic analysis methods for earthquakes? Story from ANS Annual Meeting http
    Recycling Options for Used #Nuclear Fuel – story from 2014 ANS Annual Meeting
    Former Graduate Fellow Reflects on Time at National #Nuclear Security Administration – story from ANS Annual Meeting

    And no topics or anything on nuclear energy vs the media or fighting antis and FUD while US nukes are shutting down left and right with zero fresh orders and antis are dancing from their $$$ green projects being thrown gov’t dough! The Guardian is right when they said US nuclear power public policy is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight! Better — couldn’t hit a crowd of antis partying in front the side of a barn!

  2. James Greenidge

    Re: “Beware of Junk Science – Robert Hayes reminds us that it’s possible to become afraid of something we don’t really understand, based upon selected facts we’re told to cloud or steer an issue.”

    It’s more than a case of “beware”. It’s an issue of being on the educational/information _offensive _ to defend your own turf, livelihood and careers and defend yourself from being slimed and slandered by antinuclear FUDmisters because the under-science educated American public is simply too “busy” and techno shy to “beware” and bother with researching nuke facts for themselves (especially with a predominately antinuclear media feeding poison to them) and no one else is going to set them straight except the nuclear community itself. Anti-nukers learned long ago to “push” FUD and bogus “facts” on the public without ever having to dread the (lazy) public dredging up fact and the truth on its own, and that technique has royally worked for them. The nuclear community CANNOT just sit back and point at the truth bone for the public to go fetch; enlightenment has to be SHOVED on them, like commercials and Ads routinely do adnuseum, as had successfully worked for Tylenol and BP Gulf no less (who’d ever thought the Gulf states are almost amnesic of that dark day today??) The answer to the majority of US nuclear power’s plight is in plain sight. All it takes is for a nuclear community collective to pick up the phone to “Mad Men.” They don’t “beware”, they “Push”!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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