Nuclear Honors and Awards—From the 2014 ANS Annual Meeting

Thank you for your remarkable contributions to continuing progress and advancement in nuclear sciences and technologies—and congratulations to American Nuclear Society honors and awards recipients at the 2014 ANS Annual Meeting.

Photos and citations below.

ANS Fellow

Rizwan Uddin

For his seminal contributions to advancing our understanding of density wave oscillations, nuclear-coupled density wave oscillations, and boiling water reactor stability. For his significant contributions to advance coarse mesh nodal methods and relaxing the limitations on coarse mesh methods to make them applicable to a much larger class of engineering problems. Presented by ANS President Donald Hoffman (right).

_DSC2173 387x259


Henry DeWolf Smyth Nuclear Statesman Award

Luis E. Echavarri

For outstanding lifetime statesmanship and leadership in the global nuclear arena, including directing OECD/NEA activities, and promoting the global development of safe and economic commercial nuclear power. Presented by Marvin S. Fertel (left), ANS Presidential Citation recipient, President and CEO of the Nuclear Energy Institute.

_DSC2176 387x259 echavarri


Arthur Holly Compton Award in Education

Michael Podowski

For his exceptional dedication to the education of nuclear engineers, and for his pioneering initiative to establish a degree program for Navy personnel that has been critical to the future of nuclear engineering education at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and beyond. Presented by ANS Honors and Awards Committee Chair Steven J. Zinkle (right).

_DSC2190 387x259 podowski


Special Award

Mitchell T. Farmer

For major internationally recognized contributions to the understanding and modeling of severe accident phenomena in LWR plants, and for technical assistance to Japan following the Fukushima accident.

_DSC2191 387x259 farmer


Landis Young Member Engineering Achievement Award

Elia Merzari

In recognition of Dr. Merzari’s pacesetting contributions to simulation of complex turbulent flows and multi-scale/multi-physics simulations of nuclear reactor designs.

_DSC2195 387x259


Don Miller Award

Hidekazu Yoshikawa and Douglas M. Chapin

In recognition of outstanding accomplishments in the fields of Instrumentation, Control, and Human-Machine Interface Technologies. Received by Joseph Naser on behalf of Dr. Yoshikawa and Dr. Chapin.

_DSC2223 387x258 naser for yoshikawa


Mishima Award

Tatsuo Shikama

For his sustained and impactful contributions to the field of irradiation materials science and his leadership and guidance of the next generation of researchers.

shikama c 302x259


W. Bennett Lewis Award

Marcel Boiteux

In recognition of a lifetime of pioneering contributions to sustainable energy, in particular his leadership role in building a large fleet of nuclear power plants, enhancing energy independence and replacing the use of carbon intensive fuels, with reliable, economical, and clean nuclear energy.



Walter H. Zinn Award

Kyle H. Turner

In recognition of a lifetime of advancing the United States’ nuclear industry including establishing a predictable regulatory approval path for new reactor deployment and establishing a predictable regulatory approval path for site permits and combined licenses under Part 52.  To be presented at a future ANS Operations and Power Division event.


Lifetime Achievement in Fuel Cycle and Waste Management

James C. Bresee

In recognition of major lifetime contributions that significantly advanced the scientific, engineering, societal, and regulatory aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle and nuclear waste management mission.

_DSC2198 387x259 bresee


Samuel Glasstone Award

For outstanding achievement by an ANS Student Section.

Finalists: Missouri Institute of Science and Technology; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; University of Florida; and University of Wisconsin-Madison. Winner to be selected and announced during ANS Annual Meeting.



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