Video Matinee: Controlling a Nuclear Power Plant

This new video from AREVA takes a fascinating look at the “brain and nervous system” for controlling a nuclear power plant: the plant’s Instrumentation and Control (I&C) system.

Thanks to AREVA Next Energy Blog for sharing this video.

areva iandc snip 365x201

6 thoughts on “Video Matinee: Controlling a Nuclear Power Plant

  1. R K PATIL

    You have brought out the various aspects of Control & Instrumentation for a Nuclear Power Plant in a very simple and lucid form. I wish that a very important criterion for ensuring the safety of Nuclear Power Plant ie “Fail Safe Principal”, has not been covered well. Please include this aspect in your presentation.

  2. Reinhard Werner

    The problem for the normal control System and the accident control System are the criteria between normal Operation (class 1) unnormal Operation System (class 2) and the accidents (class 3, 4 and 5). For example a pressure loss may be a unnormal Operation because the turbine controll valve is opening or it may be an accident ba loss of coolant water.

  3. James Greenidge

    It wasn’t happy trails hearing last Fox Finance Weekend on the topic of energy that in the sole five second mention about nuclear in the program, the guest consultant quips “Nuclear’s no wallflower, it never showed the prom:!”. When is the nuclear community going to seriously get-it that it’s future rests solely on mass-media educating the public to get them to accept it?? That said, with the upcoming school year in the U.S., one way to gin up the conversation about nuclear power would be for ANS and NEI to help defend a student who correctly insists to school officials that despite their exams and text books that the nuclear age wasn’t “born” in a explosion in a desert but many years prior under a quiet college stadium in Chicago. Get a student you know to challenge their teacher and exam on it and whet the media’s appetite!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  4. M. V. Ramana Murthy

    Such educative clips are to be circulated to grass root level to make public aware of a nuclear power options in the development of mankind. A great clip I admire the presentation.

  5. NB Nair

    It is an excellent video explaining in simple English the basic principles involved in the complicated Instrumentation and Control Systems for Nuclear Power Reactors; to render it SAFE: Safe for the Reactor itself, Safe for the People, and Safe for the Environment. nb nair.

  6. Dr. K S Parthasarathy

    Thank you for including the telling video lucidly explaining the I & C system of the reactor

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