Nuclear Science Symposium Kicks Off in Seattle

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The 5th annual Nuclear Science Week was launched with a public symposium on October 16 and 17 at the Pacific Science Center at the foot of the Space Needle in Seattle.

Nuclear Science Week is an international, broadly observed week-long celebration to focus interest on all aspects of nuclear science and technology. Each day provides for learning about the contributions, innovations, and opportunities emerging in nuclear energy and other applications. The event was established by the Smithsonian-affiliated National Museum of Nuclear Science and History in Albuquerque, NM.

“In addition to the regional presence of multiple nuclear organizations and corporations, Seattle is a community that values the arts, embraces technology, and prioritizes the environment—and Nuclear Science Week is an opportunity to explore how advanced nuclear technologies in energy, medicine, and even space exploration help support these values on a national and international basis,” said Suzanne Hobbs Baker, coordinating chair for the NSW Symposium.

Click Here to watch online

Click Here to watch online

The NSW Symposium launches at noon Pacific Time (3:00 Eastern Time) and will be webcast and archived. The full agenda and speaker list are available on the National Nuclear Science Week web site.

The National Science Teachers Association will be offering the webcast to over 400,000 classrooms nationwide as part of their Science–Technology–Engineering–Math (STEM) programming.

The American Nuclear Society is a proud sponsor of Nuclear Science Week. ANS President Mikey Brady Raap will be delivering the closing keynote address at 12:45 pm Pacific Time/3:45 pm Eastern Time on Friday, October 17.

Governor Proclaims Nuclear Science Week in Washington

In recognition of the contributions of nuclear science and technology, Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington State has designated Oct. 20–24 as Nuclear Science Week in Washington.

The proclamation notes:

WHEREAS, the nuclear science week community is convening a public symposium October 16th and 17th at the Pacific Science Center in Seattle to explore the contributions of nuclear science and technology to communities around the world

Washington NSW Proclamation


laura-scheeleLaura Scheele is a Senior Public Affairs Analyst and Member Relations Manager at Energy Northwest, a not-for-profit joint operating agency headquartered in Richland, Wash. She is an active board member of the ANS Eastern Washington Local Section.

3 thoughts on “Nuclear Science Symposium Kicks Off in Seattle

  1. Will Davis

    Indeed – in terms of “nuclear archaeology,” the discovery of a complete, intact construction model such as this is a stunning development. I provided them with an original illustration (artist’s conception) of how the original project would have looked if completed, which they’re using. This applies to what would have been WPPSS Project One, which included WPPSS Unit 1 and Unit 4. I’ve put going to see that model on my bucket list. -WD

  2. James Greenidge

    Penn State Online, Com’on! Posting images of monster cooling towers to pass off as reactors?? You all can do better than that!!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  3. Carl Holder

    Columbia Basin College – Nuclear Technology, Pasco Washington, is celebrating National Nuclear Science Week with an ribbon cutting for ATOM in Rotunda of the new CCTE building at 11AM on October 21.
    ATOM is a recently acquired, 40 year old, acrylic scale model of a PWR, 1250 MWe. (scale: 1/2″-1′ built on 40 interlocking tables).
    CBC’s new Nuclear Technology program would certainly appreciate your support!
    Nuclear Science Week is off to a great start!

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