Nuclear Energy Blog Carnival 249

The 249th edition of the Nuclear Energy Blog Carnival has posted at Yes Vermont Yankee.

Click here to access Carnival 249.

Each week, a new edition of the Carnival is hosted at one of the top English-language nuclear blogs. This rotating feature of nuclear “posts of the week” represents the dedication of those who are working toward a future of energy abundance, improved health, and broadened security through nuclear science and technology.

Past editions of the carnival have been hosted by ANS Nuclear Cafe, Yes Vermont Yankee, Atomic Power Review, NEI Nuclear Notes, Next Big Future, Atomic Insights, Hiroshima Syndrome, Things Worse Than Nuclear Power, Neutron Bytes, AREVA Next Energy Blog, EntrepreNuke, Thorium MSR and Deregulate the Atom.

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One thought on “Nuclear Energy Blog Carnival 249

  1. James Greenidge


    This mentions is what might seem the obvious but must be stressed in relating nuclear to the public and that is that Fukushima dispelled the greens’s/anti’s gloom and doom megadeath forecast of ANY meltdowns 3x beyond “lucky chance”, as if TMI wasn’t proof enough. I think it’s VITAL that _comparative industrial accident/norm operation public-health/environ-effects_ of all energy sources be put up front FIRST in any public forum or discussion about nuclear energy. Not gibe about reactor types or nuclear plant construction or plant economics or nuts and bolts but nuke’s health/safety RECORD in and out of accidents compared others since Stagg Field. Nip the FUD gorilla in the bud to discredit antis off the bat! Go simple defining it to the public! All the fatalities incurred from nuclear plant operations WORLDWIDE since Shippingport can be packed on ONE Grayhound bus! Ask your audience what it’d take to accommodate oil and gas and coal causalities! Can you spell ocean liners? I say this because of all the press and media I’ve gathered from nuclear town meetings and media interviews this ace card is VERY seldom whipped out from the back pocket of nuclear advocates!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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