ANS on the EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan

President Obama took an historic step in establishing the first-ever national standards to limit carbon emissions from power plants in the administration’s final Clean Power Plan.

Included in this plan is a drive for more aggressive investment in clean energy technologies, and significant reductions in allowable carbon dioxide emissions from the electric power sector. As the states develop and implement individual or regional plans to achieve these reductions, all low-carbon electricity generation technologies, including renewables, energy efficiency, natural gas, nuclear, carbon capture, and storage can play a role.

The American Nuclear Society believes that one of the most effective ways to reduce global carbon-dioxide emissions in the future is by increasing use of nuclear energy to replace fossil fuels. Nuclear technology is the only near-zero carbon emissions energy that has been proven capable of providing power reliably, sustainably, and around the clock in large quantities needed by a modern industrial society.

ANS President Eugene S. Grecheck said, “We believe nuclear energy will continue to be an essential and increasing part of the future energy mix in the United States and around the world. We stand ready to assist with the development of plans that reflect the unique capability of nuclear technologies to contribute to meeting the Clean Power Plan goals in a socially and economically responsible manner.”

The final Clean Power Plan can be found at

2 thoughts on “ANS on the EPA’s Final Clean Power Plan

  1. James Greenidge

    If Obama didn’t outright hawk nuclear past a byword then he didn’t MEAN nuclear. Most in the clue know that he’s deep in the greens’ wind and solar and tidal pocket, folks.

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

  2. Don Williams

    Once nuclear power was seen as a bridge to a future of wind and solar power. Then natural gas was seen that way. As utilities go to natural gas and increase its cost, as fracking restrictions multiply, as the limits of solar and wind are reached, we might see the former “nuclear bridge” become the main highway to clean affordable and dependable electrical power. In the meantime, every person associated with this view must demonstrate no accident, no stupidity, no failure while they are on duty. It’s tough but no mistakes can be allowed to occur “on our watch”. Good luck to us all.

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