ANS Nuclear Matinee – We Need A Mix

Today’s video is brought to us by Third Way, and takes a closer look at the energy sources, and why we need to add nuclear into the energy mix.  Wind and solar are just not able to do it alone and needs nuclear to get the level of electricity we need without destroying our environment.  “So, let’s play it smart and develop a mix of low-carbon solutions, because we won’t get a second chance to stop climate change.” Today,  #EarthDay (and everyday), let’s remember to bring good things to our planet.

When sharing out your #pronuclear message, please remember that the #ParisAgreement is being signed today by over 160 countries, so we encourage the use of that hashtag, as well.

4 thoughts on “ANS Nuclear Matinee – We Need A Mix

  1. Duane

    Ike and James,

    I agree but in reality we are at the mercy of the government for licensing, financing, permitting, everything. They’re the only thing standing in our way, so we have to play by their rules. We have to accept solar and wind and denounce coal or they won’t talk to us.

  2. Ike Bottema

    100% agreed. Why bother spending time and resources on energy sources that aren’t up to the challenge when the nuclear energy source can meet all power needs and then some!

  3. James Greenidge

    Why do we need a “mix”, really? You don’t need a “mix” to power and drive city-sized aircraft carriers and France was well on its way to not needing any “mix”. Why is it that it’s always the nuclear side that’s ever preaching and hoping to shoehorn its way into the energy pie while wind and solar people (including world presidents and top billionaires) have no qualms or misgivings clucking hopes of a 100% sun/wind driven world where nuclear has been crowded out like a Darth Vader wallflower. I say to the nuclear community to take on a mercenary mindset like your thriving competitors; you don’t want to be any slice of a “mix”; you’re after the whole pie!

    James Greenidge
    Queens NY

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