Life After Vermont Yankee, Part 2 – An Interview with Meredith Angwin

It’s time for the Friday Nuclear Matinee. Today we feature an interview with ANS member Meredith Angwin. Meredith was a guest on the Pat McDonald show: Vote for Vermont.  The interview included the following topics:

  • The New York Clean Energy Standards and what they mean
  • Payments on the grid, and what types of plants get subsidies
  • Effects of Vermont Yankee closing
  • Carbon dioxide footprints

Grab your popcorn!  This is a 30 minute video!  Enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Life After Vermont Yankee, Part 2 – An Interview with Meredith Angwin

  1. Meredith Angwin

    Hi John

    I don’t have any blog posts that cover all these subjects, but you might like to see some posts.
    About the New York Clean Energy Standards: Clean Air versus Efficiency Charges. Clean Air Wins.
    A very dense article about the various payments and subsidies on the grid “Pay for Performance” and the US Grid
    Effects of Vermont Yankee closing is included in these three posts:
    Circles of Pain around Vermont Yankee Closing
    Vermont Yankee Closes: The Consequences Were 100% Predictable
    No Country for Old Nukes. Mike Twomey Guest Post

    Our talk about carbon dioxide and climate change on this program was fairly general. I don’t have a good reference for it.

    Hope this is useful.


  2. John Tanner

    I hope you can have something in writing, so I don’t need to use 30 minutes. Thank you.

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