How the Fear of Nuclear Power is Hurting the Environment

Today’s Friday Nuclear Matinee video of climate policy expert Michael Shellenberger comes to us from “We’re not in a clean energy revolution; we’re in a clean energy crisis,” says climate policy expert Michael Shellenberger. His surprising solution: nuclear. In this passionate talk, he explains why it’s time to overcome longstanding fears of the technology, and why he and other environmentalists believe it’s past time to embrace nuclear as a viable and desirable source of clean power.  Enjoy the 14 minute video.

ANS Friday Nuclear Matinee


3 thoughts on “How the Fear of Nuclear Power is Hurting the Environment

  1. John Hanson

    I commend Michael on doing a great job explaining why the fear of nuclear hurts the environment. However, it should be mentioned that his dismissal of advanced reactors and their potential is counterproductive. The argument to save the operating fleet stands on its own, in the same way that the argument for pursuing advanced reactors stands on its own. Both paths will be instrumental in solving this “clean energy crisis.”

  2. Sue Langhorst

    I could not get to that website to hear that talk. It kept bouncing me back to the thorium fuel talk from 2011 by another person. Did you publish the wrong link?

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