VIDEO: TEPCO Places Camera Inside Fukushima Reactor

It is time for the ANS Friday Nuclear Matinee. Watch TEPCO, the operator of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant, use a camera probe inside the containment vessel of the No. 2 reactor.

What do you think of this video? Let us know your thoughts and what nuclear topics you might like to see on the Cafe on Fridays. Have a video for nuclear in mind? Email that link to for review. Thanks and enjoy the movie!

Friday Nuclear Matinee

4 thoughts on “VIDEO: TEPCO Places Camera Inside Fukushima Reactor

  1. JohnHouck has a better explanation.

    I agree with Ken B above, that finding the “molten fuel” they’ve been “looking for” suggests both that it is still molten and mobile; in addition to his point on clearly distinguishing between containment and pressure vessels. I hope that this is a translation artifact and that the Japanese language version is more accurate and precise.

  2. John Houck has a more accurate and complete description.

    I see a significant communication failure in saying that they found “molten fuel” that they had been “looking for”. Perhaps it is a translation artifact, but I’d suggest that clearer distinction between the containment and pressure vessels, and that fuel melting while the reactor was uncoolable was suspected, but this investigation confirmed the where the molten material had solidified. As reported a likely public impression would be that the fuel is still molten and moving around.

  3. KenBockman

    I’m always interested in progress toward finding the actual state of the damaged Fukushima nuclear reactor, and the use of robotic probes is a good story all by itself. However I’d prefer that sources such as ansnuclearcafe not contribute to the confusion of the reactors with their containment vessels. The NHK text correctly refers to the containment vessel but just has “reactor” in their headline.

    The audio text refers to the eventual search for “molten fuel.” I expect that to set the crazies off again.

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