Nuclear Blogger Carnival 347

The 347th Edition of the Nuclear Blogger Carnival is featured this week at ANS Nuclear Cafe.  This traveling attraction showcases the best of today’s nuclear energy and technology writers.  Brief abstracts of the posts are found below with links to the full posts at their original sites.

Breakthrough Institute / Jessica Lovering

Another Record Year for Nuclear Power
2016 Adds 9.5 GW of Global Capacity

Last year we noted that 2015 was a record year for new nuclear power around the world, with more reactors added than in any year since 1990. But 2016 proved to be an even bigger year for nuclear power, with ten reactors coming online around the world, adding 9.5 gigawatts (GW) of capacity. This was the largest annual addition of nuclear power since 1990, and the largest two-year addition of nuclear power since 1989-90.

Yes Vermont Yankee / Meredith Angwin

Now available: Campaigning for Clean Air

Meredith Angwin’s book, Campaigning for Clean Air: Strategies for Pro-Nuclear Advocacy is now available through Amazon worldwide, as paperback and Kindle. Once you are in favor of nuclear energy, how do you make your voice heard? This book guides you in effective advocacy, from writing a letter to planning a rally. Campaigning is a how-to book, with many examples. (Meredith thinks she could also have titled it: “Activism for the Shy.”)

Forbes / Jim Conca

America’s High Level Nuclear Waste is Gone

Most of our high-level nuclear waste is no longer high-level, which really changes the way we should dispose of it. Unfortunately, nobody in Congress knows this. Since 1970, most of the HLW has changed to transuranic, and SNF needs to be kept for future reactors, so the whole point of Yucca Mt is pretty well moot.

Fukushima Commentary 2/8/17 —  Les Corrice

Fukushima unit #2 radiation has not “spiked”… it has actually DROPPED!

The recent discovery of a 530 Sievert per hour hot spot under F. Daiichi unit #2 in no way indicates that radiation levels are climbing. It means that a previously unmeasurable high-radiation area has finally been measured. In addition, a citizen-based group says radiation at Fukushima has dropped!

Atomic Insights / Rod Adams

Elegant Simplicity of a CO2 Tax and Dividend Should Attract Broad Spectrum Support

James Hansen and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby have attracted some heavy hitters from the Reagan Administration to the idea that the simplest, most elegant, most market-friendly and effective approach to reducing CO2 emissions is to apply a direct tax (fee) on all fuels in proportion to the amount of CO2 that they would release when burned.

Nuke Power Talk / Gail Marcus

Presidential Appointments – So You Want To Be A Presidential Appointee?

We all have been focused in recent weeks on some of the very controversial Presidential nominations that have been in the news. At Nuke Power Talk, Gail Marcus reviews the steps involved in her nomination by President Obama, for a position on the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) to provide an example of what happens behind the scenes, even for a very non-controversial appointment.

Atomic Power Review / Will Davis

New Large Light Water Construction, USA and France

The projects in the USA, and the French projects at Olkiluoto and at Flamanville are all running behind, while other large light water reactor projects are on schedule.  Will Davis explores some similarities between the US and French efforts and shows why the delay should not be all that surprising.

ANS Nuclear Cafe

Radiation Levels Not “Soaring” at Fukushima Daiichi

This post details what’s actually occurred at Tokyo Electric Power’s Fukushima Daiichi plant in the last week, and why no one anywhere outside the plant – or inside of it for that matter – need be any more concerned than before.  Drawings and explanations in plain language are employed to replace fear with fact.

That’s it for this week’s Carnival.  Thank you to all who submitted posts for this week’s roundup.