National Engineers Week Feb 19-25, 2017

National Engineers Week 2017by Linda Zec

National Engineers Week (NEW) provides an opportunity to focus attention on the significant contributions engineers make to our modern society. The annual event will be held February 19-25. It helps to provide an opportunity to students so that they understand the different areas work from engineers. Your participation can  interest a young person in pursuing an engineering career!

The American Nuclear Society has available suggestions for activities to use during classroom visits. ANS also offers brochures and other materials to leave with students and teachers during classroom visits.  Online resources are also available on ANS’s public information site

Local Sections, Student Sections, and individual members can all help students and the general public develop a better understanding of the important role of engineers. For information about materials ANS has available to help you as you make classroom visits or conduct other activities marking NEW, contact Janice Lindegard at

Linda ZecLinda Zec is the Online Communications Specialist for the American Nuclear Society, as well as the editor of the ANS Nuclear Cafe.