Friday Nuclear Matinee – July 14, 2017


Our ANS Nuclear Cafe “Friday Nuclear Matinee” feature this week is a brand new video produced by the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) entitled “What is the Future of Nuclear Energy?”  This fact-filled three-minute video is a good primer for the future of nuclear power.  We hope you enjoy it!

One thought on “Friday Nuclear Matinee – July 14, 2017

  1. John Shanahan

    Nuclear energy can and should stand on its own merits without reference to being “carbon free,” an anti-fossil fuel message.

    A nuclear physicist in South Africa says:

    “Yes, nuclear people are not brighter than greens, they also believe in CO2 causing global warming because they are trained to accept as gospel whatever is printed. So they promote their CO2-free nuclear technology as a remedy.”

    “One day, when the CO2 scam is finally unmasked, nuclear will stand there as part of the scam. Meanwhile our climate varies due to solar and oceanic causes.”

    This nuclear physicist is not anti-nuclear. He is pro-nuclear energy but against the nuclear industry using the “carbon free” argument to stop use of fossil fuels. This opinion is based on science, not politics, etc.

    Some leaders in the ANS have claimed that the ANS does not take a position on the topic of man-made global warming. They are just quoting others.

    Fossil fuels are going to be used for a long time, regardless of the claims of the wind, solar and “carbon free” nuclear lobbies. Nothing can replace fossil fuels quickly. They are the best choice in many situations for now and for some time to come.

    As long as nuclear advocates base their advocacy on being “not fossil fuels” in stead of being what they are, I don’t think nuclear will make much progress. Nuclear has so many things to offer. But it first has to overcome all the negative things that have been placed in people’s minds and has to get radiation safety standards to be based on actual radiation safety requirements for low dose and low dose rate.

    We can either fix our own problems that handicap nuclear energy or we can keep on pointing out that nuclear is “carbon free,” where carbon and carbon dioxide are essential for life.

    At Environmentalists for Nuclear – USA, website:, we provide over 100 articles on all sides of the man-made global warming discussion for public education and promote nuclear energy based on its own merits, not because it is “carbon free.”

    A copy of this comment is being sent to scientists and energy professionals around the world.

    Best wishes to the ANS in getting advanced nuclear power technology going to keep up with what Russia and China are doing, keeping existing nuclear power plants running and solving used fuel storage and reprocessing issues.

    John A. Shanahan
    President of Environmentalists for Nuclear – USA, website:
    Denver, Colorado, USA

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