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In a world fraught with loud, anti-nuclear voices, including a recent satirical news show that had a bit on nuclear waste, I’ve been pondering ideas that would provide a media platform to help counter the attacks on nuclear. While I am still a penniless grad student who lacks the budget of a weekly HBO nightly show, I believe I may have found a compromise. Starting today, Friday, September 1, 2017, I will be launching the bi-weekly podcast RadioNuclear.

My goal is to deliver industry news, interesting interviews, and closing commentary with every episode. This first week I spoke about the events involving SCANA, the John Oliver Show bit, and interviewed the author of Campaigning For Clean Air, Meredith Angwin. In weeks to come, I have a lot of other big names lined up for interviews, which I’m sure won’t disappoint.

The first episode is currently up. Please note that the website is still a work in progress, but will be continuously updated. And as I get more comfortable with the production of the episodes, expect the quality to improve as well.

Keep in mind, I may state things that you disagree with and that is okay. This show will contain commentary. I encourage everyone to consider the news pieces I am talking about and to draw their own conclusions. My goal is simply to provide context and opinions on a very nuanced issue in a way that is palatable for all audiences in an entertaining manner. I am also always looking for people to interview or debate with, so if there is anyone you think would be a good fit, yourself included, please contact me.

Be sure to follow the podcast on Twitter @radionuclear for show updates and relevant news issues. Also be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. You can also find us on iTunes by searching under podcasts for radionuclear (one word). I am also working on getting listed on different media outlets, so look for those updates soon. I hope you all take the time to listen, or if you would like to recommend an interview or a topic, let me know.

Douglas E. Hardtmayer

Doug Hardtmayer is a graduate student studying nuclear engineering at The Ohio State University. His research is focused on pyroprocessing and fuel assessment. He is a member of ANS and the ANS Social Media Team.


2 thoughts on “ An Everything Nuclear Podcast

  1. Michael Reichenberger

    I’d appreciate if you could look into getting on google play in addition to just itunes! Listening to your first episode now :)

  2. ChrisB

    An excellent first episode – the sound quality and use of music are quite professional. I shall enjoy hearing how the format continues to develop. Mrs. Angwin was an excellent choice for a first guest. I’ve read her book and had the pleasure of meeting her (& the highly interesting Mr. Angwin) recently!

    About Oliver’s writers, I tried to Google up nuclear waste and couldn’t easily find the materials which was used by that show. I suspect a few of his writers are members of some of the entrenched environmental groups and the rest merely “deferred to superior knowledge of the subject”.

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