Listen: Science and Free Speech and Science Victory! ANS member Donald Moul (First Energy) Guest!

RadioNuclear.orgThere’s been a ton of news since’s newest episode! ANS Social Media Team member and program host Doug Hardtmayer picked out three that had a lot to unpack, so  enjoy his extended news segment! The first item he discusses is the new MOU signed between the Ukraine and Holtec to build multiple SMR-160’s in the Ukraine by 2026. Doug also discusses Mark Z. Jacobson’s decision to drop the lawsuit against PNAS and Christopher Clack, and speculate some of the reasons he may have dropped the case. Lastly, Doug tackles a new Greenpeace study from Fukushima that will surely make its rounds in the anti-nuclear community, and discuss some questionable findings from this study. Doug’s is joined this week by two senior-level board members from First Energy, owner of the Davis-Bessie and Perry Nuclear Power Plants, Ohio’s nuclear future!

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