Art Wharton on the White House Chronicle…. today’s Friday Matinee

Enjoy today’s Friday Nuclear Matinee!  ANS member Art Wharton’s (of Studsvik Scandpower) interview on the White House Chronicle, with host Llewellyn King. Art tells why the world needs nuclear power.  Go Art!  #whynuclear #pronuclear

One thought on “Art Wharton on the White House Chronicle…. today’s Friday Matinee

  1. Richard Burden

    Excellent! The interviewee led off with energy density, and called for building to address the size of the problem in the Third World, instead of patronizing, after the interviewer noted the respect that large infrastructure projects command in Africa and their durability. The interviewer made sensible the agony of electricity deprivation and the mass migration that it causes. The interviewee pointed to the tiny volume of nuclear waste and the 95% of the original energy potential still in it, and the unsurpassed safety record. The story about carbon emissions was mentioned at the start but for once, it was not allowed to take center stage throughout the whole presentation, so these other, far more pressing issues could be brought out. Also, the interviewer mentioned the smell of burning dung. The other forms of pollution besides CO2, which really is not a pollutant, are what really matter. What they didn’t have time for is the discussion of nuclear power’s advantages for space exploration and space industry, the isotope economy, and the ability of the nuclear power plant to operate underground, underwater, or in space, requiring no oxygen, sun or wind, and store decades worth of fuel in a space no bigger than the reactor core vessel. Also, how increased use of nuclear fission can help us get to fusion sooner, by developing the scientific and engineering cadres, the industrial base, and the culture needed to support the research on a much larger scale.

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