Podcast: Do renewables & nuclear power need to work together?

By Doug Hardtmayer

Ready for RadioNuclear 23? In this episode, we discuss the landmark achievement at Purdue’s research reactor, PUR-1, on going to a fully digital I&C System, the increasing support for nuclear power from Japanese courts, and the recent increase in radioactivity from a sunken Soviet Union Submarine, the Komsomolets. We also give a brief update on pronuclear legislation in Ohio and discuss the relationship renewables and nuclear must play in the future.

ANS 65th President Marilyn Kray

ANS 65th President Marilyn Kray

Our special guest is Marilyn Kray, who is the 65th president of the American Nuclear Society and serves as vice president of Nuclear Project Development at Exelon. During her 30-year career, she initiated and led a consortium to develop the industry process for licensing new nuclear power plants in the United States. She has also appeared in front of Congress multiple times to testify about nuclear powers merits, and is a frequent public speaker, having appeared on outlets such as NPR, MSNBC, and PBS NewsHour.

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