RadioNuclear podcast featuring Eric G. Meyer: Only nuclear needs to change for the future?

RadioNuclear.orgThank you for joining us for Episode 28 of RadioNuclear! This week, we talk about the recent false alarm involving the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station in Canada and about an opinion piece over a recent MIT study claiming that nuclear is not needed for deep decarbonization. We also discuss about why some regions of the world have an easier time building nuclear plants, when compared to other regions of the world.

This episode’s guest is Eric G. Meyer, who is the founder and executive director of Generation Atomic, a nuclear advocacy non-profit.  He started out pursuing a career in professional singing, but after hearing about the promise of advanced nuclear reactors, he decided to devote his life to saving and expanding the use of atomic energy. He worked as an organizer on several political, union, and issue campaigns while in graduate school for applied public policy, taking time off to attend the climate talks in Paris and sing opera about nuclear power. Meyer began his full-time nuclear work in May of 2016 with Environmental Progress by organizing marches, rallies, and trainings in California, New York, and Illinois, before leaving to found Generation Atomic in late 2016. Since then he’s worked to shift the narrative around nuclear energy by creating unique social media videos, training nuclear supporters to have more effective nuclear conversations, and organizing unforgettable events.

2 thoughts on “RadioNuclear podcast featuring Eric G. Meyer: Only nuclear needs to change for the future?

  1. John Kutsch

    You need to put a big ole’ PLAY button on these links – don’t make people look around to figure out how to listen to your important news and information!
    A Giant Play button Please

  2. Zachary Deziel

    Great Show, it fills the void of Titan’s of Nuclear while the host is working on student competitions. Question though, is there any way to activate a 2x speed?

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