RadioNuclear Episode 29: Micro Reactors to the Frontline? Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar and Dr. Rita Baranwal Guest!

RadioNuclear.orgEpisode 29 of RadioNuclear is now online! In this episode, we discuss the potential for micro-reactors and their use on military front-lines Do they offer a strategic advantage, or are they a liability? Additionally, does Gen Z understand nuclear? Apparently not, because 72% of Gen-Z doesn’t know nuclear doesn’t emit C02. Next, we discuss how congressional members on the hill are supporting the modernization of the NRC reactor oversight process. Lastly, some more good news out of India, because they have just agreed to build 6 new nuclear reactors with Westinghouse. Some truly great news!

Our first guest on the show is Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar. Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar is multi-faceted and experienced in leading diverse groups toward common goals in science and engineering. She has published internationally and is recognized as principal investigator of productive research projects incorporating nuclear material irradiation and characterization and the associated management of radioactive material. She has collaborated on a variety projects and proposals in university, national laboratory, and international research environments and has a track record of identifying and solving problems and getting results.

Next on, we have Dr. Rita Baranwal. Dr. Baranwal serves as the Assistant Secretary for the Office of Nuclear Energy in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Prior to her current role, Dr. Baranwal directed the Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear (GAIN) initiative at Idaho National Laboratory. Before joining the U.S. Department of Energy, Dr. Baranwal served as Director of Technology Development & Application at Westinghouse. There, she led the creation and development of game-changing technologies and managed characterization and hot cell laboratories. Dr. Baranwal has served on Advisory Boards for MIT’s Materials Research Laboratory and UC Berkeley’s Nuclear Engineering Department, and was adjunct faculty at University of South Carolina’s nuclear engineering graduate program.

Enjoy episode 29, and leave us your comments if you have a show or guest idea!

One thought on “RadioNuclear Episode 29: Micro Reactors to the Frontline? Dr. Mary Lou Dunzik-Gougar and Dr. Rita Baranwal Guest!

  1. R. Stuart Bondurant

    Thanks for this podcast. Very interesting. Both Dr. Dunzik-Gougar and Dr. Baranwal offered very interesting perspectives. One comment:

    Before the guests began, you talked a bit about micro-reactors for the military. The military does not plan to deploy micro-reactors to front lines. They are intended for both fixed and mobile use. The fixed use is bases, but not front line bases. Think more like military bases in Alaska. The mobile reactors might be for bases also, or things like disaster relief. But not front line bases. So we can immediately dismiss criticisms like ‘what if they are attacked’.

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