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ANS welcomes submissions from ANS members on nuclear topics. For more information on submitting a perspective, see the instructions below, or contact Dan Goldberg at


Established in 1954, the American Nuclear Society is a professional membership organization of engineers and scientists devoted to the applications of nuclear science and technology.  Its 10,000 members come from diverse technical backgrounds covering the full range of engineering disciplines as well as the physical and biological sciences. The members are advancing the application of these technologies to improve the lives of the world community through national and international enterprise within government, academia, research laboratories, and private industry.

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Guidelines for submitting blog articles for consideration on the ANS Nuclear Cafe

Send the editor an email about the topic that you would be willing to write about, including the article’s scope and perspective. You will receive an emailed response within a reasonable timeframe.

Submit the article to We accept most graphics file formats, but JPEG works the best. For each image submitted, please provide caption information. Please also provide photo credit information, such as “(Photo credit: Acme Company)” or “(Photo credit: Acme Company/John Smith)”.

We will review the article, and edit for content, structure and style, according to ANS standards. Please keep your submission to no more than 600 words. If you have an in-depth topic, and our word minimum may be a problem, consider writing it in a series format. Submit several posts and we may be able to run the series.

An article on the ANS Nuclear Cafe must be clear writing that is simple and direct and flows well. Make sure that the article is understandable, and do not use engineering writing, language that is overly technical, programmatic prose, or broad generalities.

Use the spelled-out version of an organization or item, followed by the relevant acronym in parentheses. Subsequently, the acronym can be used, although it can be intermingled. ie: Department of Energy (DOE)

The most important conclusions, observations, and facts—the highlights—should be mentioned or listed at the beginning of the article.

Especially important is how the ideas and pieces of information are connected. Provide good “guide posts” to help the reader through the information, from point to point. To do that, use topic and transition sentences to lead the reader successively from one idea or fact to another.

Where possible, focus on the practical (give specific examples). Also, if available, include direct quotations, focused quotes that help to carry the story and convey information.

ANS is not responsible for fact-checking articles. You are responsible for the accuracy of what you write. All facts, including names of persons, organizations, publications, projects, or other titles or terms of any sort, should be accurate. Dates, historical details, and technical information should also be correct.

Please also submit a two to three sentence biography on the nuclear expertise for the “about the author(s)” section at the end of the post. Also provide royalty free photo(s) of author(s).

We reserve the right to edit out links on submitted articles that lead to the sale of any goods or services.  We may, at our discretion, chose to run the edited version of the submission.

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